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Eye Masks - Private Label Face Care

2010 saw the launch of our new eye mask and it proved to be an instant hit with our customers.

We are proud of the fact that we were the first private label company to launch such a product on to the Polish market. This is in keeping with our desire & passion to produce and make available unique, innovative and popular products for your private label collection.

Our eye masks come in two types Gold Collagen and Pure Collagen. Pricing representing value for money in the eyes of the clients with referral and repeat orders the norm for the 1500 + stores currently stocking this product on the Polish market.

The eye masks are available for your private label throughout Europe from Jan 2011. Contact us from more information and orders.

Available Packaging


Eye Mask Carton Eye Mask

size: 80mmx103mm 2 pcs
Printing options Printing options
Full Colour N/A
Foil Stamping  

Eye lid mask - Standard Packaging




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