Doypack and Sachet Packing Solutions for Private Label

You speak and we listen. Recently we have had more and more requests to increase the range of our sample packaging for private label.

Samples packaging in the form of Doypacking and Sachet Marketing is an excellent way to get your product samples out in the market and reaching your target market audience allowing them to sample your products before buying into your brand.

In recent packaging trend report doypack, sachets and travel mini’s do not only stop at the samples market but more and more of these types of packaging are finding there way into the main stream distribution channels as small and handy products that “fit in your bag” for all types of occasions from business travel, holiday travel, weekends away, sports activities and nights out.

In another report many large multinational clients are actively targeting “Sachet Marketing” at the poorer income groups as a solution to selling larger more expensive units.

At your private label we are able to offer your the following solutions:

– Sachets from 2ml to 50ml

– Doypack from 50ml to 1000ml