Sheet face masks


 Private label face care


Intended for mature skin and is showing signs of fatigue and aging. Contains the active ingredient in ensuring the reduction of both surface and deeper wrinkles and smoothes the skin long-term. tomato extract protects collagen from damage. Promotes cell regeneration. It accelerates the effect of smoothing, tension and rejuvenate and relaxing effect on tired and graying skin, improving its color. The mask makes the skin becomes toned, rejuvenated and silky smooth to the touch.


Intended for mature skin and showing signs of aging. Contains Hyaluronic Acidknown for its excellent moisturizing properties and actions to delay the aging process. Cutaneous tissues helps to recover better elasticity and radiance. Enriched with active ingredients of aloe vera extract and wheat germ mask provides the skin’s moisture. Gives it the feeling of firmness and elasticity. The mask makes it becomes supple, rejuvenated and silky smooth to the touch.


Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and devoid of color. It contains phyto-collagen which has antiradical properties and thereby prevents aging of the skin. Mask promotes skin regeneration, complementing the deficiency of collagen and maintaining its moisture. It uses active ingredients for moisturizing, firming and nourishing your skin. The mask makes the skin becomes fresh, supple and silky smooth to the touch.