Your Private Label is the private label and contract manufacturing arm of ŚWIT Pharma, one of the fastest growing cosmetics and household chemicals manufacturing companies in Poland.

ŚWIT has over 75 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, serving consumers across four continents. Our product portfolio is composed of four categories: cosmetics, personal care, household chemicals, and laundry care.

Our headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland. We manufacture our products at our factory in Halinów and at our plastics processing plant in Morąg. Our location in Poland and vertical integration of manufacturing allows us to offer best-in-class services at very competitive prices.


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ŚWIT Pharma – Your Private Label Manufacturer

Our Locations


Taśmowa 1, 02-677 Warsaw, Poland

tel. +48 22 330 58 00

Cosmetics and Household Chemicals Factory

Hipolitowska 32, 05-074 Hipolitów

tel. +48 22 783 64 44

Plastics Manufacturing Plant

Wróblewskiego 2, 14-300 Morąg, Poland

tel. +48 89 757 42 41

Swit Pharma is one of the fastest growing cosmetic & household chemical manufacturing companies in Poland. Our products are known and appreciated both at internal and in foreign countries. The company has won such awards as: Customer Laurel – Discovery of the Year 2013, Excellence of the Year of Your Style 2013, PEDI Award in 2013 and the Art of Packaging 2014.