From the onset in 1944, the ŚWIT Cooperative employs people with disabilities. Back then, in a country devastated by war, it was necessary to give people work and thus the possibility to earn a living. However, ŚWIT went further – apart from employment, the cooperative provided financial support for people with disabilities in terms of housing adaptation, removal of architectural barriers, equipping apartments with specialized appliances. We organized sports events, including sea voyages and international tournaments in various sports disciplines practiced by people with disabilities.

Unfortunately, after the economic collapse in the early 90s, the Cooperative was forced to reduce both its business and rehabilitation activities. We could not avoid taking difficult decisions when restructuring our business and introducing necessary changes. After that difficult period of time, the situation returned to normal, and there was a significant increase in the employment of persons with disabilities.

Today, ŚWIT has nearly 800 employees, around 90% of them being persons with disabilities. Currently, the rehabilitation outpatient clinic provides primary medical care and rehabilitation treatment, including physical therapy, and prevention tests in the field of occupational medicine. We  have patients’ clubs, the center for inclusion of the disabled, we organize rehabilitation camps, individual rehabilitation programs, and provide individual assistance for people with disabilities.

Currently, our Cooperative employs nearly 800 people, including about 90% of them are persons with disabilities.

According to the Act of 27 August 1997 on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and the Employment of Persons with Disabilities, employers with more than 24 employees on a full-time basis are required to make monthly contributions to PFRON. Since August 1992, we have owned the status of a sheltered workshop (ZPCHR). We provide private label, contract manufacturing and our own branded product with the added advantage of being able to offer Polish Registered company deductions of up to 50% via the PFRON system.

If your organization has companies registered in Poland and would like to find out how you could save up to 50% on your private label production then please contact us to find out more about this opportunity.