New investment of the ŚWIT GROUP

On 7 March 2016 the agreement has been concluded between SI ŚWIT and Colgate-Palmolive, the preliminary agreement for sale of the arranged part of Colgate-Palmolive Halinów (Poland) Sp. z o.o. in liquidation. Acquisition of the plant with full infrastructure and production lines for liquids, shampoos, gels and powders shall be until mid April 2016. 

The plant in Halinowo

The production plant of cosmetics in Halinowo was founded in 1993 and until the end of the 2015, it was one of the most modern and automated plants in Poland. The plant is situated 23 km from the city centre of Warsaw and it covers the area of nearly 6 ha. The production process took place in the production halls with a total area over 10 000 square meters. In the plant, inter alia the following was produced and packaged:  liquids, shampoos, gels, toothpastes and powders. The production process consisted of a number of stages involving inter alia: mixing, dissolving, homogenising, filtration, screening and pouring as well as packaging the products. The majority of the operations was automated with the modern production lines and the production process was subject to extremely high standards of quality, and was constantly monitored using the automated systems of the control and measurement instruments. The plat had one of the most modern chemical and microbiological laboratories, which continually controlled the quality of the produced items.

Development of the Cooperative

SI ŚWIT is the Polish cosmetic company with a long tradition. For more than 70 years, it has been a producer of cosmetics for face and body recognised by the consumers and household chemistry. Among the brands in the portfolio, since the beginning of the company, it has been worth to name Abra that continuously from several years has been available for purchase. The offer of the company includes such brands as Exclusive Cosmetics, Days Cosmetics and CleanHands, vice-leader on the Polish market of antibacterial gels for hands. The ŚWIT Group is also one of the major producers of own brands for the commercial networks.

ŚWIT products are known and appreciated both in the country and on the foreign markets. The company has been awarded with such awards as: Consumer Laurel – discovery of 2013, Year Excellence of “Twój Styl” Magazine 2013, PEDI Award 2013, Art Of Packaging 2014, Consumer Laurel – discovery of 2015. For more than 10 years, the company’s priority has focused on development and innovation. The company has equipped, modern machine park, laboratory facilities with the research and development department and design studio. The business is based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), i.e. the system of the procedures that

guarantee the highest quality and purity of the products, and assure full control over the origin of the raw materials.

Due to the new investment, ŚWIT GROUP will significantly increase the production capacity in the segment of liquids and shampoos, and will extend its offer with production of powders. The company plans to extend the range of the branded products, and increase the offer of own brands for the Polish and foreign commercial networks. ŚWIT also plans to expand the contractual production for the existing and new customers, and dynamically develop export to the new markets. Acquisition of the production plant in Halinowo will increase the production capacity of the company to over 110 million pieces per year, which will put ŚWIT among the largest producers of cosmetics in Poland.